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Our AI publishes the NBA game predictions at around 9am Eastern time each morning, so please check back here then.

Our NBA prediction model is 51.2% accurate in beating the odds for Over/Under bets (the total score of the game, not the winner). This gives you an edge over the sportsbooks. We trained our AI model on data from thousands of basketball games, to learn how to place bets. One reason it can win is that the sportsbook bases the odds not just on what they think the outcome of the game will be, but also on what bets their customers are placing. The sportsbook makes the most money if exactly 1/2 of the bettors are on each side of the bet. They constantly adjust the odds to keep this balance. That way the sportsbook does not risk any of its own money on the game. It does not matter if the sportsbook predicts the game correctly, they only want to make it so in the end the bets are split evenly. This creates an opportunity for our AI to find games where it thinks the sportsbook's odds are not aligned with the predicted outcome.

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